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455 Curtiss Road
Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, 71110
United States


I am a quirky artist with a passion for fun colors, laughter and family fun. You can see a bit of me in each item I create from an original piece of drawing, painting, writing, children's book and t-shirt. 

Pink Flamingo Oil Painting


Collection of t-shirts, leggings, bags, books and more created by JCV Creates from original art.

Pink Flamingo Oil Painting


Pink Flamingo Oil Painting


I got inspired to paint the “Pink Flamingo” after my neighbor got flocked. What is flocking? Well, it is where a friend pays to rent 20 plastic flamingos to be placed in your yard. It was so fun to see all these bright pink plastics flamingos in her yard. I went home and decided to paint my own flamingo. I used many variants of colors of the pink. It has a great amount of texture.

The gold leafing was added to make the bird more majestic. It really adds to the luster of the painting.

The teal blue is a rich tone mixed by me.

The white frame is simple in design so it does not steal from the rich colors of the painting.

If you have any questions you can email me through the contact form. I would be happy to answer any questions or do a personal dedication on the back of the painting.

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